Saturday, September 26, 2009

Puerto Amador and Panama City

Puerto Amador and Panama City seem to be a city of contrasts. We took a tour that we found interesting even if it was in a very small and cramped bus. We first saw the area that serves the Canal which was designed and built by American Contractors. It has great roads, nice office buildings and a great layout. From there we drove through very rundown areas of Panama City where the average monthly wage of its population is $310. We went from that to a part of Panama City that was nothing but high rises with condo’s starting in the $300,000 for 1200 sq ft. I know that at one time it was a retirement place for people from around the world, but it is surely not Judy and My cup of tea. Shiela and Sheldon took the tour with us and we both agreed it was an interesting tour. Tomorrow, the transit of the Canal.

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